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Insights is your information playground. Each week you’ll find a new video on topics like Social Media Strategy, How to Increase Your Conversion Rate, Image and Video Best Practices, Public Relations 101, Content Marketing Strategy, and so much more. We’ll feature our all-star team members as well as experts from other agencies and industries. The best part? Insights is all about YOU. If you have a question, all you have to do is ask. We’ll feature your questions in one of our videos. So, bookmark the page and come back often for everything you ever wanted to know about Marketing.

5-step guide to powerful process design

5-Step Guide to Powerful Process Design

Your company’s processes have an enormous impact on your business. In this webinar we will walk you through 5 steps to powerful process design. With the right process design, you can streamline your operations, increase your productivity, and give a healthy boost to your bottom line.

3 Ways to Increase Student Enrollment Using Digital Marketing

3 Ways to Increase Student Enrollment Using Digital Marketing

How can you increase student enrollment for your online programs? This webinar can be used as a brainstorming session to help colleges and universities start and plan their campaigns. 3 ways to increase student enrollment using digital marketing is a webinar that explores scalable and seamless ways in which you can increase student enrollment using […]

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Leadership Posts

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September 26, 2014 at 09:50AM

Considering accepting a bid because the price is low? Before taking the lowest dollar, consider these points: 1. Will the business I contract solve the problem I identified in the RFP? 2. Is the proposed solution long-term or will I soon be putting out another RFP to address the same issue? 3. Have I done […]

Managing bids using a CRM

How do I manage multiple bids at the same time? Chances are that finding bids is not the only task you’re given throughout the day. That’s why finding a process that keeps your bids organized is important. If you’re looking for a bid management system, though its primarily advertised as a CRM, checkout Insightly. Not […]

Use Technology to Speed up Your Process

Technology exists so you don’t have to…waste your time rummaging through a request for a proposal that may not be worth your time. Before beginning a bid do this: One. Make a list of keywords that you frequently use on bid proposals. For example, deadline, meeting, contact, scope of work, objectives, minimum qualifications…Etc. Two. Using […]

Dissect a Bid

Need to dissect a bid proposal quickly and efficiently? Here’s a quick suggestion that will eliminate some of the mind clutter created when staring down an 80 page proposal and a 24 hour turn around time. 1. Save a copy of the full RFP/ITN to a safe place 2. Go to the 1st page you […]