energyhill Brand Refresh for the New Decade

February 7, 2020
Written By nataly capote

Over the years, energyhill has evolved a lot as a company. We removed the iconic red and white from our website a while ago. And replaced it with a charcoal gray and a vibrant gradient just last year. As our colors began to feel a little dark, we decided to do a brand refresh to kick off the new decade.

energyhill's past color palettes

Previous color selections reflected different times in the company's past. The red and white evoked the passion and clarity with which the company was started. The charcoal/gradient combination symbolized an important transition period for our brand. This year's colors are a confident selection to better express our voice and messaging.

2020: energyhill brand refresh

For a brand new decade, we wanted to keep some traditional elements while completely revamping others. Drum roll please... here are our new colors!

"grapefruit" is a great way to maintain the vibrant energy (pun intended) evoked by the red and gradient, but in a more modern way. We chose to keep the charcoal and replace white with a subtle ivory color, similar to the powdery white sand that Florida beaches are known for. "eggplant" is a nice modern accent to "grapefruit", and "cafe con leche" is a way to incorporate a pastel and tone down the intensity of the other colors (as well as express our love of coffee!).

the process

Our designers first determined what tone would match the brand. Here are the words they came up with:

  • Ambition
  • Energy (obviously)
  • Vitality
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm

From there, our designers gathered inspiration from a number of online resources and started making combinations that included a red base or the charcoal. Here are a few of our sample color palettes from which we narrowed it down:

Although we liked the tropical feel of sets 5 and 6, we felt the green would be a little too off-brand. Option 4 was a bit dark for what we were going for, and 3 just didn't feel as cohesive as 1 and 2. It was a tough choice between 1 and 2, and they are almost exactly the same, but after much debate, we went with choice #1!

new year, new look

Brand refreshes bring with them new expectations of a company, refined messaging, and more specific goals. This year and this coming decade, energyhill's services are transforming to make sure companies can stay afloat in this fast-moving technology world.

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