A Guide to HubSpot Contacts | Tech Tutorials

September 3, 2020
Written By Deliyanis Rosa Fontanez

You are probably connected with thousands of people via email and social media. So how do you keep up with everyone? There's a faster way to do things to handle the modern contact list. The HubSpot contacts feature is essential to managing and staying up to date with our business connections.

In this Tech Tutorial, Dr. Ryan will show how to import, export, manage, and organize your contacts in HubSpot, and how HubSpot's contact organization makes lead and pipeline management easier.

HubSpot Contacts

My name is Dr. Ryan and I want to welcome you to another talk. It's a common question we get I would say almost all of the time is about how can I import my contacts, export my contacts, especially using HubSpot or another CRM. But if you are in the HubSpot family, especially if you want to bring in your contacts, this is going to be a really helpful walkthrough/tutorial to help you kind of get going.

With that said let's go.

Watch the video above for the full tutorial.

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