How to use HubSpot Sequences | Tech Tutorial

August 19, 2020
Written By Deliyanis Rosa Fontanez

Staying in touch with your contact list is crucial, but sometimes it may seem overwhelming. with HubSpot's sequences, connecting with your contacts consistently can be automated, personal, and easy. 📩🗣

In this episode of tech tutorials, energyhill president Ryan Lowe walks through how we integrate HubSpot's sequences to send targeted, timed emails to nurture leads and contacts over time. 💞

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Ryan Lowe on HubSpot sequences: Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to another Tech Tutorial Wednesday, I'm Ryan I'll be your trainer today. We're going to have a lot of fun looking at one of our favorite tools in-house and that is HubSpot. We're gonna be focusing on something very very specific today we're actually gonna just show — this came up literally today.

Probably other people are running into this as well and it also goes over some very high-level things as well but really we're going to focus on one specific piece of HubSpot. There is so much power in the tool, we do want to address, though, this one element because it is pretty good.

the HubSpot CRM — customer relationship management

HubSpot, on Friday we talked about how we use it for really all of our CRM or customer relationship management abilities. What we like about it is it really is a platform with multiple platforms and that's kind of the way we describe it when we're using it or training or onboarding someone new. The nicest foundational piece to it is that it's a customer relationship management platform

that allows you to really keep in contact with your — whether it be your customers, your clients, your partners, or what have you, or even prospects. Again it's it's really great for that prospecting element of the tool.

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Email Sequences: How HubSpot helps

We're going to focus on one element and that is sequences and it's really about how you can automate some of your day-to-day tasks that can be — whether they're arduous or they're just, "man, we've done this four thousand times, is there a way we can help free up our day throughout the day?"

And we did find some elements even just for reminders automation can really help. What we like to use it as is to remember to reach out to people and touch base with, "hey, how are you doing, what can we help you in some way shape or form?" So it's really a great tool when it comes to how you can engage with an audience and make sure that no one slips through the cracks.

That's one of my pet peeves is when people slip through the cracks it's like, ah you know it's not that, we just forgot there's so many different touches throughout the day or so many things happening throughout the day that at times you can forget. So we don't want to ever have that happen.

Email Automation

So a CRM can help you with that and I want to preface that it can help — it should not automate everything, okay. I'm kind of like an anti-automation guy, however if you can use it in the right way where it really truly can't help you and free up an hour in a week or two hours in a week, that's fantastic. Just remember it does not replace that human connection.

You still want your best sales people, your best account managers, your customer success individuals, all still engaging with your prospects and your customers and clients. So keeping that in mind I want to preface it because a lot of people are like automation, I'm not a fan of automation however if it can speed up our team, great.

HubSpot Sequences Tutorial

In the tutorial, Ryan covers:

  • Setting up the Sequences
  • Working with Email Templates
  • Managing your Sequences
  • How to Promote Campaign via HubSpot Sequences
  • Tracking your Sequence's Statistics and Analytics

Learn more about the HubSpot sales automation software.

Learn more about creating and editing HubSpot's sequences.

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