Management Philosophy: Do the Right Thing, Every Time

May 25, 2015
Written By Dr. Ryan Lowe

Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy at Energyhill is to "do the right thing, every time." On a daily basis we are faced with decisions that can have a small ramification to our stakeholders (both internal and external). These decisions might have no effect on a scenario or project. However, they set a habit. Justification of taking a small shortcut that is never noticed can lead to a habitual reaction (and action) for a larger shortcut. Therefore, our company culture does the right thing, every time. Always.

"Do the right thing..."

This is done, by gathering facts. This can take time, however, with proper planning, and clear communication this yields a decision that is founded on facts and not personal biases.

"...Every time"

Consistency in this approach can be difficult to maintain. Our teams and individuals hold each other accountable. This creates an environment for consistency to occur and checks and balances for our management philosophy.

This ethical standard benefits our team in the following three areas:

  1. Everyone knows the story. There is confidence and clarity to this approach. If there is a decision that is unprincipled this will be felt and ultimately altered to the principled path.
  2. The best want to work with the best. Our principles allow for a competitive edge and sustainable advantage.
  3. Brand strength is innate when there is a high ethical standard. Universal stakeholders value the opinion that a company with principle sends.

The approach of "do the right thing, every time" allows for us to have more time for excellence in our creative and technical efforts.

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