July 12, 2016
Written By Deliyanis Rosa Fontanez

Orlando Shooting

Today marks a month since the Orlando attack, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. This hashtag is displayed all throughout the city on billboards, pictures, and social media desperately imploring for prayer. This hashtag unintentionally depicts the need for unity in prayer, rather than the calamitous focus on what contrasts us as human beings. The city of Orlando has made a tremendous effort in carrying on with life, but there is a palpable sombre feeling in the air that constantly reminds us of what happened on that late Saturday night. Yes, it has been a month since the mass shooting, but our hearts still feel very heavy, as we continue to slowly heal from the loss. Although we forgive, it is very hard to forget. It is difficult to forget the lives of so many innocent people. It is difficult to forget how unjustly they had their hopes and dreams taken away, all in the name of faith. It is difficult to forget that we, too, have beliefs and faith, and yet have respected not to impose our way of living on others. It is difficult to forget how ungrateful other people can be when we as Americans have opened our doors offering freedom to those who needed it. But we must turn the other cheek and pray for a brighter future. We should pray to spread light and encourage our fellow Americans not to fear, as we live in a country that is free thanks to those who have fallen for us to enjoy this privilege. We should remember that our nation is our safe haven and we should contribute to keep it that way.

As Floridians, we stand by the city of Orlando and those affected. We love the United States of America and we pray for its safety during these times of difficulty. We believe in a nation where our freedom remains intact and our lives do not become affected by fear. We believe in respecting one another honoring our constitution and abiding by the laws of our Heavenly Father. The Energyhill team extends our condolences to all of the people affected by this attack. We will never forget the lives lost that night and we will continue to honor their memory. May our prayers go beyond a hashtag, may our intentions be more than a social media fad and truly mean something. May we continue to support each other to make Orlando Strong again. May we contribute to make America Strong under God and cast out all spirit of fear. This is the time to rise and bring a positive message to the world and show them that love will always prevail. We believe in Orlando and we believe in America.

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