Presidential Candidate Logos: A Design Review

July 13, 2015
Written By Gloria Lowe
The 2016 election is gearing up to be the battle of the logos. Following are my evaluations of the top democratic and republican contenders' logos, each one graded for its use of color, shape and font.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Logos

Hillary Clinton

The Clinton campaign has created a simple, strong and straight forward logo to represent Hilary. The logo has a good sense of movement and direction, moving us to the right made with the arrow.
Shape: A
Color: B+
Font: B+

Jim Webb

The font is distributed oddly across this logo, and the star on the “i” it looks too little compared to the font size, but the overall shape is solid.
Shape: B
Color: C
Font: F

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Logo

The logo has a nice sense of movement with the lines underneath his name, and the font the campaign chose has a nice, friendly form.
Shape: B+
Color: B+
Font: A

Martin O'Malley

A simple, fun and modern logo. This is the only logo of the bunch that is square and has the feeling of an app icon. Its flat design conveys social interaction and modern messaging.
Shape: A
Color: A+
Font: A

Lincoln Chafee

Chafee Logo
One of the more conservative designs among the democratic logos, the green outer circle seems unnecessary to the design, and "Chafee" is longer than the red lines it's stacked between.
Shape: C
Color: C
Font: B

Republican Presidential Candidate Logos

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee Logo
Good font choice and colors, but the the lines forming an off-center arrow pointing down are an odd way to describe the “higher ground” tagline. The stars feel a bit more playful than the overall design.
Shape: B
Color: A+
Font: A+

Donald Trump

Conservative and rectangular, this logo could still work with a better font choice. The red color bleeds against the dark blue, which would have been an easy design fix.
Shape: C
Color: F
Font: F

Jeb Bush

The Bush logo has a young, fun, playful vibe. It's both simple and memorable. Good font choice and colors.
Shape: A
Color: A
Font: A

Rand Paul

Simple and bold. Great use of the negative space between the A and the N to create the base of the torch.
Shape: A
Color: A
Font: A

Ted Cruz

The shape of the icon is a little confusing: Is it a flame, or a burning flag? Also, the way the star is cropped is awkward, and the 2016 looks like an afterthought.
Shape: C+
Color: B
Font: B


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