eEnterprises international

eEnterprises was born from the necessity to educate young people in financial literacy and connect minorities to business opportunities. Founder Lizzie Martinez Alvarez wanted a new website to show her vast network of connections, display her expertise, and promote a quarterly eZine that would advertise important business people in the community.

the ask:

Fresh brands require taking a step back to look at the whole. While we were creating a logo for eEnterprises, Lizzie was an integral part of the brand as whole, and we needed to create something that would also represent her. She wanted something that represented global connections, new beginnings, and technology. We used colors common in her industry for her brand, but incorporated modern elements that would make her stand out. Then, we took steps toward establishing her digital presence through her eZine and website.
Empowering Gradient
Navy Blue
Lime Green
Navy Blue
r36 g54 b77
c90 m75 y45 k40
PANTONE 108-16 U
Sky Blue
r21 g191 b221
c70 m0 y10 k0
Lime Green
r179 g200 b74
c35 m5 y95 k0
PANTONE 16-0-8 U
r25 g130 b128
c85 m30 y50 k8
PANTONE 125-15 U

The process:

As a prominent figure in her community, it was important for people to feel like they knew Lizzie. We incorporated elements that made her more approachable, while also getting across the importance of the work she does for the community. We created a brand that was clean, professional, and modern, and made sure that users were able to easily navigate and view her subscription-based digital magazine through her website.

the end result:

In the end, we were able to help Lizzie amplify her reach and gain new connections in her space, communicate her knowledge and leadership, and empower individuals to find their higher purpose. Her eZine yielded subscribers and advertisers, and her business cards and print deliverables helped to make her brand solid and cohesive.
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