Rasmussen Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

Dr. Rick Rasmussen is a highly successful and recognized periodontist with an impressive background as one of the few board certified periodontists in the Tampa Bay area. The Rasmussen family are leaders in the dentistry industry but it was important to him that he had his own brand identity that set him apart.

the ask:

Dr. Rasmussen needed his own website and brand to draw in clients to his new practice. He came to us not just because of our award-winning designs but also because of our experience and insight in the medical industry. It was clear that what he needed was a sophisticated website and brand identity that conveyed his experience and advanced skills.
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Navy Blue
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Sky Blue
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The process:

Our process in creating Dr. Rasmussen’s brand started with researching his audience and competitors. What does his audience want? In this case, it's information. But medical jargon can be pretty difficult for the regular joe. So we paired the information with custom icons and visuals that would keep them interested and help them understand.
Using colors and gradients that provided a fresh look, we were able to keep the design simple and clean, while minimizing clutter.

purposeful web design

Our websites are designed with the target audience in mind. So it's important that users feel comfortable using the site and can easily locate what they're looking for. Keeping the colors bright and clean was essential to presenting Dr. Rasmussen as a trained professional. The iconography complimented the website design and showed some more complicated procedures that would otherwise be shown by some pretty graphic images.

the end result:

We created a strong brand narrative that would present Dr. Rasmussen not only as a leading professional, but as a caring individual that patients would feel comfortable with. Now he has a solid brand identity, a beautiful website, and a Google My Business account that is fundamental to the growth of his business.
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