Renton Prep Christian School

JL Video is a creative video production studio in Tampa, Florida. Though they had an already established brand and clientele, they wanted a fresh look that better communicated their work culture and attracted them to top tier companies in the area.

the ask:

JL Video’s main goal was brand visibility. Their look was outdated and geared more towards wedding clients, and they wanted to get away from that demographic. We wanted to help them take the next step into refreshing their brand with a sleek new logo, optimized website and unique brand identity that could captivate their target audience.

The process:

We wanted to keep the color palette simple, striking, and professional. With a focus on the play icon, we could easily showcase the services they provide, while giving them a recognizable mark with forward movement. The website’s dark theme and bold fonts provided the effortlessly cool look they were looking for and contrasted nicely with their bright video work.

Storytelling that you can feel

At its core, JL Video’s brand identity is about connecting people through storytelling. We wanted to tell their story through their website content, social media posts, and marketing campaigns as they looked to the future with invigorating ideas. A solid brand identity process helped us develop targeted messaging and gave us a foundation to work off for the digital design involved in this project.
"Within the year, they helped us to see ways of streamlining business model, marketing, telling the story, and capturing the voices of the people who are part of the school. They have become partners in increasing our success and global reach."
Dr. Michelle Zimmerman

the end result:

In the end, we gave JL Video a strong foundation from which to leap off and reach their audience. Their brand is now more versatile and better suited to their marketing initiatives, and their new brand identity better matches the modern, professional services they offer. Through their redesigned and SEO optimized site, they’ve expanded their network and secured new clients.
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