Short message service (SMS) has existed since 1992 and has grown ever since. It took over 10 years for SMS marketing methods to emerge as major brands like Nike launched texting campaigns in 2005. Just as marketing tactics are constantly evolving, SMS marketing has developed into a constant in almost everyone's daily lives.

The Surge of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has quickly emerged as the most effective way for businesses, large and small, to engage their audiences. As a result, businesses are now understanding the immense power of SMS marketing campaigns in the digital age.

As consumers become more attached to their phones, text messages are now the most direct line of contact. If your business is aiming to gain customer attention, an SMS marketing campaign may be the most effective method.

why SMS marketing works

By the numbers, SMS marketing is now the most direct and effective way to reach customers. As a result, businesses are using SMS to send coupons, special deals, announcements, or just to engage customers. Additionally, celebrities like P Diddy, Ashton Kutcher, and Jake Paul are interacting with their fans via SMS to create a more personal experience.

"This was really spearheaded inadvertently from celebrities, from professional athletes and comedians," said Dr. Ryan Lowe, energyhill Co-Founder and CEO. "They have a system in place and a marketing team in place to really respond and engage with you as if they are that brand. I think it’s a really great way for businesses to now take initiative and say, ‘Why don’t we text our customers?'"

There's a reason why more are choosing SMS marketing: it's effective and brings astounding conversion rates. For example, 75% of people say they prefer text messages as their primary form of communication. The messaging app is the most used application on mobile phones across the globe. This is likely because users don't need to use an additional application and are ensured of a quick interaction under the character limit.

Thus, texting audiences are more likely to engage through texts. After all, ease of access and exposure are key to a marketing campaign's success.

Users are opening less than 50% of other marketing forms — social posts or emails, for example. The open rate of texts, in general, is 98%. For the most part, customers receiving and reading texts is far more likely than any other marketing tactic.

The Future of SMS Marketing

By now, SMS marketing should be a staple to every direct-to-consumer brand marketing strategy. It's also becoming more essential in business-to-business communication by keeping things punctual and prompt.

For years, SMS marketing has been mostly straightforward due to the character limit on messages. Already, many marketers are getting creative by combining other smartphone features — like the calendar or maps applications — with texts. For example, a text could prompt a customer to come in-store with a scannable coupon.

Making the most out of SMS

Businesses have already started to innovate their text message marketing strategy. Take Domino's, which has introduced text ordering for a quick way to order. Another example is a survey sent to a customer after they have made a purchase at your storefront. These are just some of the innovations that will become more popular as marketers continue to see success in the text message marketing space.

"These are all really good ways to use a technology that's been around... but they're using it in a new way where it's helping their CRM and their systems that they have in place."

Dr. Ryan Lowe, Co-Founder and CEO of energyhill

As more business incorporate SMS marketing strategies, we'll continue to see innovation via personalized and intuitive messaging to customers.

energyhill's marketing services

Are you looking for a new way to engage your customers? Do you think SMS marketing could be the right way to increase your conversion rates? At energyhill, we have the tools you need to help you connect with your audience and influence leads.

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In the ever-changing industry of marketing, it's easy for a brand to get left behind. Staying on top of the latest trends and staying aligned with an audience requires constant self-analysis and research. Take it from the big brands; they're continually morphing their look and messaging to stay current and maximize their reach. But how do you know whether your company needs a complete rebrand, or a brand refresh?

It's important to always keep an eye on the market to determine whether or not it's time for change. However, rebranding is not always necessary. Instead of planning a complete overhaul, sometimes all companies need is a refresh to reflect the ongoing changes in the industry.

Throughout the years, Starbucks has refreshed their look to stay relevant.

When Do I Refresh?

A brand refresh involves keeping the bones of your company the same and simply giving the surface a good makeover. Usually when your brand feels like it no longer stands out, it's time to revisit your marketing tactics and find out what's not working. You can also tell by your sales whether or not it's time to refresh. Consider a refresh if:

How Do I Refresh?

A refresh can be thought of as a spring cleaning for your brand. Take a look at your messaging, color palette, images, videos, website, and logo. Sometimes all it takes is fine-tuning your slogan and refreshing your marketing materials. Choose a new font, tweak your current logo. Don't worry about revamping your entire image.

Buzzfeed's rebranding made them look more like a quality news source.

When Do I Rebrand?

Sometimes when you opt for rebranding, you risk doing more harm than good. Pulling off a successful rebrand requires a lot of planning and research. You have to create an entirely new brand "personality" and possibly go into a different market than before. Consider rebranding if:

How Do I rebrand?

Rebranding is all about changing the way your audience sees you. In order to do that, you need to really determine what you want to accomplish with your rebranding. Setting a clear goal helps to steer you in the right direction. Examine your competition, but don't copy them. Focus on what makes your company unique and build a new identity based on the core values of your business.

energyhill branding services

At energyhill, we help businesses find their voice or just freshen up their current one. We understand the changes in the industry and advise the businesses we partner with accordingly. If you are looking to modernize your brand's identity or are looking to start from the ground up all over again, contact us to get the conversation started.

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