Termination of services

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    eEnterprises International(Client)
    Lizzie Evans

    Confirmation of Termination of Services
    This is a confirmation of termination of services for the "Client" website hosting, social network management, support retainer, SEO and content, design services, consulting, and emails. Additional services included under this are: Hosting of all content/media, subscriptions, and any other services including, but not limited to monitoring, updates, plugins, and patches.

    Once this is signed and submitted energyhill will provide a downloadable within 72 hours of all assets once final invoice(s) are paid. If additional time is needed it will be billed at $460/month.

  • To view terms click here: https://energyhill.com/terms/
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This will be used to send any additional information on closing this account.