Training Session Built for Success

November 20, 2015
Written By Dr. Ryan Lowe

The training session should be focused

Have you ever attended a training session or training seminar or listened to a sales pitch and got the feeling that you should leave or just end the meeting? Where you’re debating in your mind if it’s a waste of time? I think we all have been there before. We all know that time is money and money is time, there is always another project we could be working on and another email to respond to. In this post I’m going to give you a few cues that will help you decide when its time to leave.

I was recently invited to a training session for an online bidding system, I was already comfortable with the system they were going to discuss, however; Ryan and I decided to attend this event as a potential networking opportunity . So I packed up some business cards and brochures and headed to this seminar. I was unsure of what to expect. It was a government-hosted event so I didn’t expect anything spectacular, just thinking I could meet a few vendors who might be in need of advertising services themselves. I was wrong, and I left. Here is why.

Lack of direction

Literally! I drove all over the USF campus trying to find this seminar. The location was not hyperlinked properly to get directions and when you searched the address. Google would say: “No results found.” A good thing to keep in mind if you are hosting an event, any event, is to always make sure those attending can find you.

Over communicate

Walking into an empty room is uninviting, it also makes you question if you are in the right spot (see above). If you are out to lunch, leave a note. If the seminar is in room 101, make a sign. Communication is key.

Training sessions should be engaging

In a 3-hour training session, it’s extremely important to be engaging. Note cards are fine, but reading line by line from a training manual with little to no eye contact with those who are listening; is not only boring and impersonal. It also makes it that much easier for attendees to slip out the back.

Mindtools has some great tips on planning a successful training session

Remember these simple steps when planning your training session or seminar:

  • Define Objectives

  • Focus on Simple and Clear Concepts

  • Keep the Presentation Organized

    • Tell them what you are going to tell them
    • Tell them
    • Tell them what you told them
  • Engage and be Mindful of People's Time

I don’t want to make this whole post negative, so let me tell you what I did take away from the 15 minutes I was there. I met a guy named Gary, he manufactures and sells prison uniforms. I learned there is a market for that, who knew? But honestly at the end of my 15 minutes I truly learned that it doesn’t matter what you do, people are going to leave your meeting with an experience. Whether it’s a few minutes into the meeting or in your closing statements after three hours. What is the experience you want your audience to leave with?

Check out our events page to find out when Energyhill is hosting a training workshop. We promise not to waste your time.

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