Women History Month: Outstanding Women, Part 1

March 20, 2019
Written By Deliyanis Rosa Fontanez

In the month of March, energyhill highlighted outstanding women in different fields for Women's History Month. And as an agency that is woman-owned, we wanted to commemorate the contributions of some of the women we have the privilege to know and work with. So, March is not just 31 days of celebrating female strength and history. It is a month to honor leaders and reflect on how to continue the work that was started.

Women's History Month in a Nutshell

Today, most women around the globe are able to enjoy rights that were once denied. However, accomplishing this came at a cost. But while there is still a long road ahead, the work of many pioneers and visionaries have given women the chance to write their own story. And as we continue to lay a foundation for the future generation, we are grateful to all the women who have disrupted the status quo, thus giving many of us an opportunity to contribute to society.

Women's History Week

Women's History Month traces its origins as a national celebration on March 7th. This date represented the beginning of Women's History Week in 1982. After years of petitions and requests to have a month dedicated to women, it finally came through in 1994. That year, Congress passed resolutions requesting the authorization to proclaim March of each year to be Women's History Month. Also, at the time some state departments of education encouraged the implementation of women's history as a topic of study. This prompted the participation of thousands of schools and communities within a few years, resulting in what we know today.

Outstanding Women Today

There are many inspiring women leaders today, activists, politicians, scientists, writers, and artists. But we thought, why not highlight our local outstanding women? Although they may not be famous, they have surely impacted the industry they are in. Ranging from marketing, to education technology, to healthcare, and even pyrotechnics, these ladies are a force to be reckoned with.

Gloria Lowe, President and Creative Lead at energyhill

Gloria Lowe has a diverse background. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, she always demonstrated an affinity for art, which led her to study Graphic Design at the Art Institute. Along with her husband, she founded energyhill, a creative marketing and advertising agency in Tampa, FL. Her passion is to create beautiful experiences for consumers locally, regionally, and worldwide.

"Be bold, hold nothing back; give life your everything as we only have this life to live. Be true to yourself. One of my goals as an entrepreneur is to create an environment where team members want to be present and engaged."

Gloria's background (both education and experience) includes working as an advertiser, designer, and creative director. She has done work for some of the world‘s top brands ranging from Walmart to Johns Hopkins University. Also she has done work for local brands, Lee Roy Selmon’s and Admiral Farragut Academy. Currently, her life is all about her family and bringing her high level advertising expertise to clients at energyhill.

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, Chief Innovative at Renton Prep Christian School

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman has experienced multiple aspects of education, from apprenticeship and co-teaching to research, leadership, and training educators. Her experience includes teaching of all ages, from 3 through 16. Michelle received her PhD in Learning Sciences and Human Development from the College of Education at University of Washington, Seattle. Her research, focusing on learning design, has been recognized through multiple awards, as she leads the ongoing re-envisioning at Renton Prep. The research puts into practice blended, authentic learning environments and socio-cultural perspectives, where students learn to become mentor teachers and researchers.

"Technology is all around us. Rather than avoiding it in education, we have the opportunity to help guide a new generation to use technology in a way that emphasizes positive aspects of humanity. Technology can be powerful in uplifting, encouraging, sharing new ideas and diverse perspectives, and creatively developing elegant solutions to local and global challenges."

Under her leadership, Microsoft selected both school campuses of Renton Prep as Showcase Schools since 2015. Also, Renton Prep was selected in September 2018 as the first K-12 Microsoft Flagship School in the United States. Since 2007 she has presented around the world on how her research has been put into practice. Her presentations repertoire include American Education Research Association, UCLA CRESST, ISTE, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, New York Academy of Sciences and New York Academy of Medicine, DigiPen, educational technology conferences, and multiple universities. Additionally, her students have been presenting and co-authoring with her since 2011. Finally, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman has been selected to represent at global leadership events at Microsoft Headquarters, Google Headquarters, and T-Mobile Headquarters. As she shares her message of education technology, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman strives to encourage students and educators to develop a voice and be empowered through learning.

Ashley Pertler, Operations Manager at Sigalarm

Sigalarm is known worldwide as the leader in power line warning systems. With more than 50 years in the business of saving lives, Sigalarm is trusted to keep employees safe in the line of work. Today, Sigalarm owes a lot of its success to the hard work and influence of Ashley Pertler. Ashley is the Operations Manager at the company. Some of her duties consist of overseeing the manufacturing and distribution of Sigalarms and performing thorough quality assurance on all alarms.

"Innovation is rarely a Big Bang and more often a steady drumbeat."

Ashley's background is diverse. She began her career as a singer and dancer at Disney's Epcot Entertainment, followed by getting an associates degree in interior design in Winter Park, FL. However, she switched her major and completed her studies in Business Management from the University of Central Florida. After finishing her Bachelors, she began working for Sigalarm, where she has been for the last 10 years. Her passion to help companies be safe has made Ashley a crucial component in the development and evolution of Sigalarm proximity alarms. Always looking for more efficient ways to improve the alarms, Ashley works closely with manufacturers and companies. Thus providing the best quality of safety to companies and employees who work close to power lines.

KellGrace, Owner and Master Stylist at KellGrace

Kell is known for doing 4 updos in 4 minutes! Her international shows and seminars focus on time-saving updo techniques to help stylists generate more revenue for themselves and for their salons. Along with her seminars, she has developed 12 tutorial DVD's and an online tutorial page, the KellGrace Academy. A licensed Cosmetologist & Certified Wig Maker/Dresser from institutions in the United States and England, KellGrace has developed a trend of creating beautiful updos in just minutes.

“When you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things."

Kell is the Owner and Master Stylist at KellGrace, located in Winter Park, FL. Her salon specializes in a variety of services including cuts, color, hair extensions, makeup, a profitable bridal business, and much more. Kell is proud to be with a great team, bringing the latest and highest quality trends to clients. Follow KellGrace on social to stay updated on the latest hair trends.

Rose Lampert, Physical Therapist and Co-Founder of Lampert's Therapy Group

Rose Lampert, has a masters degree in Physical Therapy from Florida International University. Throughout her career her focus has been in Neuro-pediatrics and adults' Neuro disorders. Throughout her 28 years in therapy, her focus has been in customer service. In the rehabilitation field, therapists have to have the ability to listen with caring eyes and ears. Rose thinks that it is important to be consistent and gain the client's trust for a successful outcome. Working with the intent to serve is a quality that clients notice.

"Share knowledge with other professionals and never fear competition, only fear your own incompetence."

Moreover, Rose is a TheraSuit Method Certified Instructor working closely with the developers of this therapy method. She coordinates and organizes courses in Brazil, the US, and Europe imparting her knowledge of the Therasuit Method and conducting training. Her focus on treating clients with care has given Lampert's Therapy Group a great reputation in therapy in the Largo area.

Tanya Ebersole, President of Camelot Custom Construction, Inc.

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."

Getting started in the custom construction industry, Tanya followed in her father's footsteps, a renown custom builder in South Florida. The first challenge as the president of the company was assembling the best team of subcontractors and suppliers to meet the high standard of quality. The next challenge of her business was staying afloat during the long economic crash. So in order to do this, her business diversified the types of construction (residential, commercial, medical, renovations, Grant funded projects, Community revitalization projects).

Camelot Custom Construction, Inc. focuses on low maintenance design, energy efficiency, aging in place, and high quality for every home they build. Tanya works with clients from site selection/evaluation through design to completion. Also, the homes they build are warranted for 10 years. It is this attention to detail that has yielded her awards and nominations.

  • First Place Grand Award in the Million Dollar Custom Homes Division in the VHBA Parade of Homes in 2006
  • Nomination for Volunteer of the Year for Habitat for Humanity 2007
  • Nomination for Most Influential Woman in Business in Volusia County in 2017

Kristy Hunnewell, Founder of Founding Fathers Fireworks, LLC

Kristy Hunnewell is the founder of Founding Fathers Fireworks, LLC. and a Realtor in the Tampa Bay area. Born and raised in the bay area, she had the opportunity to grow up in a small family business environment. She claims that this exposure to business from an early age ignited an entrepreneur spirit in her. She remembers that even as a young child, she enjoyed going to work with her parents to watch them run a very successful fireworks business.

"My advice to anyone that wants to be an entrepreneur is to find a mentor, do your research, and then shoot for the stars!"

Kristy's parents always motivated her to work hard and to put sweat, blood, and tears into her goals. So, at the age of 24 she joined the American Pyrotechnic Association and the National Fireworks Association. Thus, allowing her to get more involved in the fireworks business. Currently, she is developing and growing her own brand of fireworks that will focus on highlighting the Founding Fathers of our nation.

Women Making History

It is a privilege for energyhill to work closely with these outstanding women who continue to make history in their community. Although we recognize their work on a daily basis, this Women History Month is the perfect occasion to voice our gratitude by commemorating all their work. Read Part 2 of this series to learn about more strong leaders that are highlighted.

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