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the ask

Family Ministries of Florida is a non-profit Christian foster care organization in Seffner, Florida. They provide a healing home for children in need along with a Bible-based education through their on-campus school, Legacy Christian Academy. In order to better reach and serve the community, they needed an updated website that ranked on search engines.
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We wanted the website to feel uplifting and bright, so we used warm pastels and a rounded serif font for headings.
  • LCA font
Forest Green
r30 g142 b79
c84 m20 y91 k6
Deep Red
r231 g65 b40
c3 m90 y97 k1
Minimal Orange
r246 g159 b82
c1 m44 y75 k0
Classic Blue
r42 g98 b162
c1 m64 y9 k1
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The process

The main goal was to give Family Ministries a beautiful, functional website that would rank on search engines and be fully responsive across devices. It was also important to create a site that wouldn’t need updates too often so they can focus on their foster families.

We visited the campus to take drone footage and photos of the staff and kids, and then used them throughout the website to show the caring and positive environment at Family Ministries. By using pictures of the actual campus as opposed to stock images, we could tell their story in a way that was genuine.

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The End Result

With our help, Family Ministries of Florida was able to rank on Google and point people to a functioning, user-friendly website. Their website can help them secure funding for new buildings in the future and encourage donations from the community, as well as connect the foster care program to the on-campus school, Legacy Christian Academy.

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