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Provital Solutions is a wellness brand that provides professional athletes with organic, safe, and effective pain management options that don’t appear on testing. Our job was to help them strengthen their brand identity as a professional health alternative for athletes and develop their social media presence.
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A dark theme with lime highlights, in combination with black and white imagery, gave an air of power, strength, and vitality.
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The process

We started our research on CBD and hemp products and created brand personas to help develop the new look and messaging. Their target audience was mainly athletes drawn to products that would help with performance recovery. We used Matt Nesmith, a professional golfer, as an influencer using the product that could promote the brand on social media. We also developed a solid marketing strategy and landing pages for a digital store that would help increase traffic and sales. 

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Achieving Consistency Across Mediums

Once we had the look and feel of the brand and products, we promoted them across social media posts that were both visually appealing and informative for their audience. We educated their audience on the differences between CBD and THC, and the terminology used in the industry. The design of our print collateral aligned with their rebrand and helped portray them as a sleek, modern wellness company that would appeal to athletes and health conscious individuals. 

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