Google AdWords for Video with TrueView

April 27, 2016
Written By Gloria Lowe

Pay for the people you want with TrueView

YouTube Size and Scope.

  • #1 online video site.
  • #2 largest search engine (behind Google).
  • #3 largest site.
  • 4 billion+ video streams per day.
  • 60 hours of video uploaded every minute.
  • 70% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the US.
  • 72%* of US online population watch a YouTube video at least once per week.
  • 52%** of people took action as result of watching a video online.    

What is AdWords for Video with TrueView?

  • TrueView allows the viewer to click on the ads they want to see or skip ads that they don't want to see on YouTube.
  • This gives the viewer a choice, and the advertiser control - so you can show your ad online, but you only pay for the ads watched.

Why use AdWords for Video with TrueView?

  • You can reach people on YouTube and the Google Display Network.
  • YouTube is the largest video site on the web.
  • Online visual and audio ads are more engaging than print or radio.
  • It’s pay-per-view advertising with various options for placements.
  • You can use analytics to track campaign performance.

How it works.

  • Ad selection is linked to your company’s YouTube account.
  • You bid for video views just like you bid for keywords on AdWords.

With TrueView you get 4 options for ad placement

Effectiveness of placements

If you are interested in implementing True View in your next campaign. Click here and contact our team for more information.

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