Color Gradients Are The New Black

October 9, 2017
Written By Gloria Lowe

There are few elements of the natural world more evocative than color. Perhaps second only to smell, seeing or experiencing certain colors causes a visceral reaction. Much research has been done in the realm of colors and what they mean. Red often equates to anger or passion; blue offers a sense of calm. Whatever the colors might mean, advertising and marketing professionals have long stressed the importance of color when designing logos and branding.

However, singular colors appear to be so 2016. Gradients are now a popular design element. Is it possible that color gradients are the new black? Let's examine why using a color gradient for your next design project might be the best choice.

A Rainbow of Options

Gradients provide so much more depth and interest than a simple, flat color. In general, people can identify about 20 standard colors. But with a color gradient, you have added a unique look and color element to your advertising, packaging, logo or more. Instagram's logo might be the most readily identifiable use of gradients in logo design.

A More Realistic Approach

The world isn't simply flat - it features dynamic dimensions and contours that gradients help to reflect. Natural objects have shades of color - flowers, fruits and more - making it easy for our eyes to see and interpret color gradients.

A Standout Choice

As of right now, few brands use gradients as their primary color palette. Hence, using a gradient at this point can truly help set your organization apart. Branding with a gradient is just another way for your company to rise above others in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

A Bold Hue

Choosing color gradients in bold tones can give your design a more modern feel. Using a gradient is a clear indicator that you and your organization have moved into the 21st Century, with a progressive perspective.

If you want to find out more about color gradients and how you can use them in your design, contact Energyhill today. Our team of branding experts looks forward to demonstrating this rising trend and how your organization can benefit from unique and progressive design elements.

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