energyhill's Rasmussen Periodontics Brand Design Wins Gold 

December 21, 2022
Written By Brendan McGinley

Thanks to the amazing efforts of our creative team, we’re proud to announce that we won a Gold NYX Award in ​​Integrated Marketing and Company Branding for our work on the Rasmussen Periodontics brand design!

Creating a New Brand

Dr. Rick Rasmussen came to us to create a brand and website design that could help Rasmussen Periodontics stand out from both the competition and his family’s practice.

We knew that the best way to do that was by highlighting his technical skills and impressive background as one of the few board-certified periodontists in the Tampa Bay area. 

We wanted the brand and website to reflect the high reputation of Dr. Rasmussen and his trusted team of professionals. So we decided on a fresh color palette of different shades of blue, mint green, and white to give the brand a clean and balanced look.

This, along with the use of two different fonts (Red Hat Text and Freight Sans Pro), made the brand and website look beautiful, elegant, and professional.

The final product was a strong brand narrative and design that showed Dr. Rick Rasmussen’s expert skill and experience. 

Combining Marketing and Design

Part of this project involved understanding Dr. Rassmussen's target audience and the flaws of their competitors. In this field of dentistry, many patients are looking for reassurance and knowledge, but most websites are layered with jargon that could easily intimidate potential clients.

This led us to modify our approach to the website by focusing on making information easier to understand and adding custom iconography for complex procedures.  

Award-winning Brand Design

The NYX Awards are a prestigious international award for marketing, communication, advertising, creativity, public relations, and more. We’re proud to know that we were among the list of winners in this year’s selection.

Got an idea for your brand or a website that needs a redesign? We’d love to help! Contact us and let’s get started.

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