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Our team creates secure, user-friendly learning management systems (LMS) to bring your courses to the market. From our content development and design to tracking user participation after go-live, we’re there to make it easy for you to access, organize, and distribute your online courses. Clarity, user experience, and a robust support system are what you’ll find within all our LMS projects.

increase efficiency and simplify content

Whether we’re reorganizing existing content or creating a course from scratch, we work with you to optimize the learning experience. We design accessible learning solutions to ensure your course is effective in engaging users with unique content.

track learning progress

We'll track the data from learners as well as how the average user is performing. Courses can be integrated with content management systems like WordPress and customer relationship management softwares. This allows us to manage your learning content over time in coordination with tracked analytics.

engage your learners

Learning management systems make online learning easy. We work with you to create learning strategies with engaging content that learners will better understand and retain. Engagement is key to keeping users on track in their courses. With in-depth reporting features, we can identify how to best target users for effective on-track learning.

sigalarm training course

Our project for Sigalarm involved creating a simple, intuitive training course for their wireless proximity alarms. The course was developed to certify team members to operate Sigalarm’s powerline warning systems. The course works in conjunction with the Sigalarm app, which allows users to take their training mobile.

We created a comprehensive LMS with full production videos, course writing, quizzes, email notifications and certificates. Throughout the project, our team simplified complex topics and made it easy for team members to fully understand the material and become Sigalarm certified.
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LMS creates revenue

An online learning platform can produce incredible results and leads for your company to build on. Whether your business is learning-based or not, a customized training course can produce leads and be a revenue generator.

At the core of learning platforms we build, our goal is to increase the visibility of your business with effective content that engages your audience. At energyhill, we build learning management systems that will keep users coming back for more.
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