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Sigalarm is recognized as a world leader in power line warning systems, with a mission to save lives by preventing unintended power line contact. Our task was to spread the word through a website redesign, a custom learning management system (LMS) that would help their clients get employees Sigalarm certified, an engaging campaign for the CONEXPO/CON-AGG convention, and marketing strategies that would bring it all to the spotlight.
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powerful app design & LMS

Once a company purchased Sigalarms, they needed a way to train their workers on how to use them and obtain a proper certification. We created an LMS that would quiz and certify workers, and a monitoring app for iOS and Android that would be used once they complete the course. The course contained lessons covering all aspects of wireless alarms, along with engaging videos, visuals, and quizzes to help make the content easy to understand.


digital and print advertising

Communicating Sigalarm’s role in construction safety was our main purpose. Through landing pages, digital banners, search ads, curated blog posts, and social media content, we promoted Sigalarm’s app, training system, and their booth at CONEXPO/CON-AGG. Our campaigns also included print materials, conference booth design, B2B direct mail pieces, merch and informational one sheets in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

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SIG one sheets portfolio
SIG conexpo booth
SIG invitations
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optimized content and social strategy

We developed a social strategy and optimized blog posts that would gain traction from search engines and increase web traffic. Through weekly posts and stories, we gave Sigalarm a consistent presence on social media and increased engagement with followers. 

the end result

Since working with Sigalarm there has been a 3648% average increase of visitors to the website year over year. Equipped with a modern LMS and monitoring app, we set them up for success in the construction industry and built new revenue streams via app subscriptions and course content. 

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