Fork Union Military Academy

the ask

Fork Union Military Academy is an established college preparatory and military school in Virginia. With a long-standing legacy of excellence in their community, they came to us for a website redesign that would modernize their digital presence and increase enrollment. Our goal was to declutter and reconstruct their original site to create a fast, user-friendly experience for parents and students.


We developed a color palette and brand design that were both bold and refined to match the school’s outstanding legacy. Everything from icon animations to font choices were all deliberately selected to make Fork Union stand out among the largest boarding schools in the U.S.
  • fuma font
  • fuma font
Bold Red
r157 g50 b46
c26 m91 y86 k21
Navy Blue
r23 g59 b100
c31 m81 y35 k24
Proud Gold
r239 g173 b87
c5 m35 y76 k0
r247 g244 b228
c2 m2 y10 k0
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The process

We restructured the sitemap and website content for a more intuitive user experience and to spotlight their cadets and the academy’s unique academic experiences. Website speed and responsiveness was huge for Fork Union, as they had tons of information they wanted to share in a way that was engaging, but also swift and non overbearing. 

excellence through design & content

Brand surveys, personas, and interviews all helped us to capture the essence of Fork Union Military Academy’s voice and messaging. We strategically used the website to create a hierarchy that emphasized the most important aspects of the school in a visually striking way. 

the end result

The new website reinforces the elite status and strong qualities of Fork Union Military Academy. Website speed went from increased drastically. Through the redesign and SEO optimization of their site, they’ve reached more families and secured new outstanding cadets.

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