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As a trained stylist, licensed cosmetologist, and certified wig maker, Kell wanted to open her own salon in the heart of Winter Park, FL. To accompany the grand opening, they needed to get the word out about their services and build a strong, local client base. We gave them an online presence, created their logo, and rolled out promotional materials in order to showcase Kell’s expertise and position Kellgrace as the top salon in the area.
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The Process

When deciding on the look and feel for the website, we knew that serif fonts along with a simple black and white theme would help give a sense of luxury and style. Bold images and high-quality videos would also help draw clients to the salon and make them feel more connected to Kell and her story. Since this would be the basis of the brand, it was important that clients get a sense of sophistication and professionalism when first seeing it.

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Setting up for success

Using professional lighting, mics, and cameras to shoot multiple videos in the Winter Park area, we created videos that would fit with the website. In addition to creating her Google My Business profile page, we also provided a thorough marketing strategy that the brand could use going forward.

We set her up with social media accounts, made post templates, and came up with content ideas that would attract her audience. Updo videos, stylist tips, and hair inspiration would be the most intriguing for Kell to post about and quickly gain her followers.

“I am extremely happy with the services energyhill has provided for my salon and brand. Everything from web, print, DVDs, marketing, and strategy energyhill can master. My company’s image is top notch because of energhill.”


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the end result

Kellgrace saw an increase in leads and brand exposure after the project. The mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized website helped bring in qualified leads, and the marketing plan established Kellgrace as a trusted expert in the industry. In the end, the strategies provided were essential for sustainable business development.

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