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the ask

JL Video is a creative video production company in Tampa, Florida. With an established name and clientele, their main goal was to update their look with a brand refresh and website redesign in order to appeal to a new demographic. A responsive and optimized website, along with marketing strategies, would help them captivate a new target audience.
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We wanted to keep the color palette simple, striking, and professional. For the website, we paired this with a bold font for a strong contrast.
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Flaming Red
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Clear White
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Corporate Blue
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The process

With a focus on the play icon, we could easily showcase the services they provide, while giving them a recognizable mark that symbolizes a forward movement. The website’s dark theme and bold fonts provided the effortlessly cool look they were hoping for and contrasted nicely with their bright video work.

storytelling that you can feel

At its core, JL Video’s brand identity is about connecting people through storytelling. We wanted to tell their story through their website content, social media posts, and marketing campaigns as they looked to the future with invigorating ideas. To do that, we first developed a strong brand identity that would attract their target audience and deliver a professional brand message that showcased their skills.
jlv cup dude
hoodie girl jlv

the end result

In the end, we gave JL Video a strong foundation that would allow them to reach their goals and their audience. Their new brand identity provides a modern, polished, and professional appearance that matches the caliber of services they offer. It’s also more versatile and better suited to their new marketing initiatives. Through their redesigned and SEO optimized website, they’ve expanded their network and secured new clients.
one sheet jlv
jlv editing suite
“They've rebranded us, which was difficult for me to wrap my mind around since I'm a perfectionist. The design work looks incredible! They've created a new, custom Wordpress website. I love the many features and feel of it. They've integrated our leads into our management software, which was a big challenge. I highly recommend them!”
- Jordan Lung, CEO of JL Video
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