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Mighty Carver came to us as a startup, a nameless idea of a chainsaw-inspired electric carving knife. They were looking for a brand identity, product design, website, and marketing strategies to propel sales and brand awareness. They never imagined that a simple idea would take them from a family-inspired product to the big screen.
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product design
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We decided to go with a font that kept the rustic look as a nod to its roots. The color palette we chose was simple and bright, while also distinguishable from both power tool and kitchen appliance brands.
Sky Blue
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c100 m0 y0 k12
PANTONE 115-16 U
Steel Gray
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c60 m54 y48 k60
PANTONE 172-16 U
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The process

Our research revealed that the holiday season would be the most important for sales. The brand needed to appeal to both men and women, specifically people looking for a fun gadget for their families. We kept this in mind when crafting the messaging and designing the packaging. The promotional material, marketing strategy, website and content needed to focus on family experiences and making memories.

optimizing for success

As with any product, web presence is an integral part of generating buzz and sales. Our goal was to build a site that illustrated all the fun possibilities available with the Mighty Carver. We focused on a search engine optimized Amazon page and a landing page that would target gift sales around the holidays.
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"They gave me invaluable feedback and immediately had ideas as to how we could develop my brand… They had me thinking about these things prior to having my actual product in hand. Looking back now, I am so thankful for those initial meetings because this was so valuable for our growth as a company."
- Kimberly Burney, Founder of Mighty Carver

the end result

We knew from the beginning that the Mighty Carver had great potential, and we weren’t the only ones. On Nov. 6th 2020, the Mighty Carver was introduced nationally on ABC’s Shark Tank. Its fun and powerful attributes gained the interests of both the judges and the audience. After its television debut the Mighty Carver quickly gained popularity. As a result, that holiday the Mighty Carver became one of the top electric carving knives in the Amazon store!
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