the ask

Lumivero is a software solutions company that provides tools and products for researchers to gather, analyze, and draw conclusions from their data. They were planning to launch a major release of NVivo, a qualitative data analysis software, and wanted some promotional material to accompany the release. They came to us to create a set of animated videos that would highlight the new features of NVivo 14 and could also be used throughout social platforms, presentations, and more.
video editing
EH nvivo case study conceptsEH nvivo case study storyboards

the process

We started by presenting two concepts for the animation style of the videos. The first would include characters, and the color palette would closely match the brand colors of NVivo. The second would be more icon-focused, and the colors would branch out a bit from the brand’s typical look. The client chose the first concept, and then we got to work storyboarding to create the frames for each of the videos. We wanted to ensure that the illustrations would properly explain the new features in a simple way while also being accurate and visually engaging.

the end result

These video generated buzz around the launch of the software update and also served as potent brand collateral for NVivo’s future campaigns. Their website traffic witnessed a significant spike during the launch period, indicating heightened interest and engagement on both their website and social media platforms.
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