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admiral farragut academy

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Admiral Farragut Academy (AFA) had a weak online presence which was leading to unqualified conversions. They were looking for students and families that were the right fit and truly wanted to be there. Prospective students and parents needed a clear way to access information and enroll through an integrated admissions process.
Their content lacked organization and focus, and their rich history was not being highlighted. Many of the website pages were not SEO-optimized, had unfriendly URL names, and lacked semantic structure.
photography & drone video

The Process

Our process started with research and discovery at the AFA campus. These interviews aided the contextual design of the brand elements and history and also revealed pain points. We wanted to highlight the experience of AFA and align with their mission to provide a college preparatory environment that promotes academic excellence, leadership skills, and social development. From these data points, a core theme, "Only at Farragut", was born. Our tactics included a fully responsive website, fresh messaging, a modern look, email campaigns, and the ability for efficient page creation.

“We’re so happy with our conversion rate… and qualified leads!”

Jessica Van Curen

Director of Marketing & Communications // Admiral Farragut Academy

the end result

In less than a month, we more than doubled AFA’s website page views. Their admissions inquiry form had a 46.3% conversion rate, with 88 entries within a month of launch. Their open rate was 325% above the industry standard for email campaigns, and the photos and aerial videos accompanying their fresh brand messaging aided in telling their story.

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